Rainbows & Realms Crystals, Gifts & Holistic Therapies. Vibrational Refinement,Musical Spine Sound & Colour Technique, TEP: Energetic Touch Therapy Using Acupressure Points, Angelic Reiki, & Intuitive Readings
Rainbows & RealmsCrystals, Gifts & Holistic Therapies. Vibrational Refinement,Musical Spine Sound & Colour Technique,TEP: Energetic Touch Therapy Using Acupressure Points,Angelic Reiki, & Intuitive Readings

What happens during a Session

Angelic Healing is a powerful & beautiful hands - on healing technique, that works with the highest energies of the Angelic realms to bring about healing & balance on all levels to those receiving the healing energies. An Angelic Healing session is a profoundly relaxing & uplifting experience


During an Angelic Healing treatment, the person receiving the healing either sits on a straight- backed chair or lies on a couch, while the practitioner places their hands on the recipient's shoulders - or chest& Solar Plexus if they are lying down, & channels the healing energies. The recipient remains fully clothed throughout the session


The Angelic energies passes into the recipient & flows to wherever it is needed in the person’s body or Auric Field. The practitioner simply acts as a bridge for the Angelic healing energies to pass to the recipient or client


The whole session lasts about an hour. The healing energies are channelled from the Angelic Realms via healing Angels


Those wishing to experience this form of healing, will often experience a resonance or a strong pull towards it - even if they do not know what it is.



£30.00 for up to 1 hour session.


A Mobile service is available.  Please ring for further information.