Rainbows & Realms Crystals, Gifts & Holistic Therapies. Vibrational Refinement,Musical Spine Sound & Colour Technique, TEP: Energetic Touch Therapy Using Acupressure Points, Angelic Reiki, & Intuitive Readings
Rainbows & RealmsCrystals, Gifts & Holistic Therapies. Vibrational Refinement,Musical Spine Sound & Colour Technique,TEP: Energetic Touch Therapy Using Acupressure Points,Angelic Reiki, & Intuitive Readings

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We advised that any complementary therapy should not replace any medical treatment, & that the appropriate medical care is obtained if advised by the therapist.


Also we state that all readings & workshops are for entertainment purposes only, & we take no responsibility for any actions taken from them.





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