Rainbows & Realms Crystals, Gifts & Holistic Therapies. Vibrational Refinement,Musical Spine Sound & Colour Technique, TEP: Energetic Touch Therapy Using Acupressure Points, Angelic Reiki, & Intuitive Readings
Rainbows & RealmsCrystals, Gifts & Holistic Therapies. Vibrational Refinement,Musical Spine Sound & Colour Technique,TEP: Energetic Touch Therapy Using Acupressure Points,Angelic Reiki, & Intuitive Readings

Treatment / Reading  / Workshop Room To Hire.

Please ask for more details.

Angel Card Readings.

Using my intuitive abilities, my Higherself will tune into your higherself, & bring through information, knowledge, wisdon or guidance about your past, present & future, it can also bring through any confirmation that you may have received already to help guide you. Also it can bring through messages of love, & any other information that comes through.  £15 for a 15 mins reading. 


Treatment, Workshops, Reading Room to Hire.

I have a first floor area, to hire for treatments, workshops, readings, or small gatherings.  Please ask for further details.


Other Dimensions Events Hosts: Psychic  / Pamper Nights & Events.

Would you like to host your own psychic night or event? Are you a pub / bar, resturant owner, & would like an evening entertainment with a differance, or would like to host an evening at your home?  We could even help with charity events.

We can provide 1,2,3 or more mediums, to carry out a variety of readings from Angel oracle cards, psy cards, marjhonng (Chinese Fortune cards), Greenman oracle cards , Avalon cards & Runes stones. 

Each person will recieve a 15 mins reading, or why not turn it into a pamper night & recieve a treatment from one of our team.  Please get in contact for further information.

Please Note: Mediums may vary on the nights booked, depending on availability.

Animal Readings.

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Pet Is Thinking?

With my animal readings, I can tune into the animal / pet, & communicate with them, through a form of telethapy. 

I can either do it face to face with the animal or by looking at them from a photograph.  So even if your beloved friend has passed away, I can still connect to the spirit of the animal & do the reading.  This can be e-mailed or text to me, if not handed over in person.  (Please Note:  This does not harm the animal in any way, as I need to ask permission of the animal to communicate with them first?).

Your reading will find out what your pets personality is like.

How they are feeling.

What are their likes, & dislikes.

Telling me about their past.

If they have any friends, & what they look like.

If they need anything.

(& my personal favourite) A message for their owner!

The Animal Readings Cost:  £5 per photo.  (It is more beneficial to only have one animal in the photo, as to make the correct connection).  Please get in touch through the contact page or ring me, if you would like to have a reading. Please see the testimonial page for the animal readings reveiws.

Animal Communication Workshops.

I run a Animal Communication Workshop, that will teach you how to communicate with your own pet & all of the animals, I will teach you how to do all of the above.

Once this is achieved you will have a permanent connection with them, & be able to talk & listen to each other.  It can be really fun, as you can check they are ok whilst you are at work, or even when you are on holiday, & they are at the pet hotels.

I have a cat called Chloe, & if she is outside & I’m ready to go to bed, I call to her through my mind “ Chloe its time for bed, please come in?”.  Five minutes later I hear the cat flap go, & she runs up the stairs & meow's at me, to let me know she’s in! 

Please contact me if you are interested in attending a workshop.  Price  & dates of the workshop: TBA.

My Chloe as a Kitten.